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Diverse Applications
Your Product Provider for Every Market.
Simplex offers a variety of quality products that are well suited across a wide range of diverse markets and applications.

From a basic hand pump and cylinder combination, to an advance multi-point lift system, Simplex is able to meet your needs.

We make every effort to help improve your productivity, reliability, profitability and environmental compliance.

For complete details, download our IDEA Generator to provide you with product solutions suited for diverse markets.

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  Diverse Applications  

In our second century, SIMPLEX continues to evolve into a global provider of products, services, and engineered solutions designed and manufactured to withstand the rugged environments of the worldwide industrial market. Simplex offers a wide variety of high pressure hydraulic and mechanical products which are widely used in the mining, construction, transportation, manufacturing / MRO, fabricating, energy, power generation and shipbuilding markets.

In every market and application, SIMPLEX products and technologies enable the global customer to turn challenges into progress.

  Simplex RDA Series Cylinders are Used to Extract 30% More Product Than Before  
  The producer of vanilla extract needed a quicker and more efficient way of producing the extract from vanilla beans. Click on link above for complete details.  
  Simplex Ratchet Jacks are the Standard in the Coal Mines  
  When it comes to general maintenance in the coal mines, one name is known more than any other...Simplex. Click on link above for complete details.  
  High Tonnage RDA Series Cylinders are Used in Drag Line Maintenace  
  When one of the world`s largest drag lines needed to be raised for roller replacement, the maintenance crew relied on the high tonnage expertise of Simplex. Click on link above for complete details.  
  Simplex Locknut Cylinders are Used for Heavy Duty Structural Lifting in Tight Areas  
  Installing and maintaining concrete bridge sections present unique challenges. Click on link above for complete details.  
  Simplex R Series Cylinders Assist in Historical Rehab  
  Lifting a prized historical structure warrants no room for error. Click on link above for complete details.  
  Simplex Torque Wrenches are Used for Heavy Duty Bolting  
  Maintenance crews at this refinery required a faster and more accurate way of loosening and tightening the bolts on this filter that is used to refine diesel fuel. Click on link above for complete details.  
  Simplex R series Cylinders are Used in an Industrial Fan Fabrication  
  This 100 ton spring return cylinder is used to press a shaft into a large industrial fan. Click on link above for complete details.  
  Simplex G Series Bolting Power Pumps Assist in Flange Fabrication  
  Production applications and continuous operation can be troublesome for most pumps, but not the production tested G5 Power Pump. Click on link above for complete details.  
  Simplex Screw & Cap Assemblies Support Generator Wall  
  Assembly crews used 144 Simplex Screw and Cap Assemblies to support the outer wall of a large generator assembly at the Grand Coulee Dam. Click on link above for complete details.  
  Rail Maintenace Simplified with Simplex Hydraulic Torque Wrenches  
  When torque requirements are critical, a hydraulic wrench is your only option.Click on link above for complete details.  
  Nothing Outperforms the Simplex Line of Cylinders  
  The repair and maintenance of rail cars require a wide range of lifting, pressing, spreading and pulling. Click on link above for complete details.  
  Cylinders Used for Shipbuilding and Heavy Maintenance Repairs  
  Ship repair demands durable and reliable tools. The Simplex G Series pump provides trouble free hydraulic power to a variety of hydraulic cylinders, spreaders and tools. Click on link above for complete details.  
  Heavy Lift on the Offshore Oil Rig  
  40 ton capacity overhead crane on an offshore oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico needed maintenance. Click on link above for complete details.  
  Wind Driven Power Sources Installation  
  The durable line of Simplex G Series Power Pumps were used to assemble the massive blades and spindle of this wind driven power source. Click on link above for complete details.  
  Research Vessel Launch  
  Maintenance crews relied on Simplex RLN15018 cylinders to help lift, transport, and launch a US Navy research vessel from dry dock to the ships launch site.  
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