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New TJHA Toe Jacks
Our updated line of Toe Jacks will help us ensure more reliable collaboration with our suppliers, increase ease of acquiring service parts, and improve on-time delivery of inventory. There are specification differences between the old and new lines of Toe Jacks; click here to see the differences. We will now be able to offer complete repair kits and improved service for our distributors.
Click the link below for more details.
  Other News Articles:  
  Pow`R-Riser Lifting Jack  
  Pow'R-Riser Lifting Jack
A portable jack designed for lifting railcars and heavy-duty, off-road equipment
  The Simplex P41 Returns  
[December 22, 2014 Westmont, IL]
We are happy to announce the return of the Simplex P41 hand pump model to replace the P41A hand pump in our portfolio.
  New TJHA Toe Jacks  
Simplex is proud to introduce the all new TJHA series Toe Jacks. We have updated our line of Toe Jacks in order to maintain and uphold a strong focus on quality, durability, and reliability.
  New Heavy Duty Power Pumps  
  Westmont, IL. - SIMPLEX is pleased to introduce the NEW Heavy-Duty G6 Gas & Electric Power Pumps. Following a proven track record of the successful Simplex G-Series pumps, the new G6 Series Power Pumps offer the latest in versatility and technology in the industrial high pressure and high performance market. Included in this newly designed, heavy-duty two stage pump is a balanced eccentric shaft that minimizes vibration, increased cross-over pressure for faster cycle times and a maximum flow rate of 100 cu. in. @ 10,000 psi to enhance your productivity. The electric models are supplied with a heavy-duty three-phase motor and can accommodate a wide range of operating voltages. An integrated run / jog starter switch enables the user full controllability and features Advanced Circuit Technology (ACT), meaning fewer components and less wiring. The pendant-equipped models are supported by on-board diagnostics, keeping you informed of the system`s behavior and reducing the risk of a costly repair.  
  New 35 Ton Punch  
  Westmont, IL. -  Continuing in its advancement in the hydraulic industry, Simplex is introducing its new lightweight, heavy duty, Single Acting 35 Ton Punch. This lightweight portable punch weighs only 32 lbs (14,5kg) and is ideal for punching holes safely and efficiently at any job site. New to the design is an ergonomically fitted "in-line" handle that provides a firmer grip, reducing wrist stress. Also included is a solid, integrated "C" clamp frame design that has a larger steel foot base, producing better stabilization for production punching. Several popular configurations are packaged into handy equipment kits. These packaged kits include a lightweight G1 Series Power Pump coupled with a foot switch for hands-free operation, polarized six foot hose for quick setup and eight round punch and die sets covering the popular fastener hole size requirements.  
  Actuant Completes Integrated Solutions Acquisitions  
  MILWAUKEE, Apr 14, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) --Actuant Corporation (NYSE:ATU) announced today that it has expanded its Enerpac Integrated Solutions capabilities with the acquisitions of Team Hydrotec and Hydrospex. The combined businesses generate approximately $30 million in annual revenue.  
  New G1 Series Pump Platform  
  Westmont, IL. -  Simplex has introduced its new G1 Series power pump platform. Starting at 30 lbs., the new G1 power pumps are extremely lightweight and easy to transport. These portable electric hydraulic pumps offer pressures up to 10,000 psi (700 bar), and are ideal for a broad range of industrial / MRO and construction applications. G1 Series models are available in standard and bolting pump configurations. These pumps are powered by a ½ HP, 115 or 230VAC universal motor, capable of operating on as low as 80VAC. Powerful enough to start under full load, the two-stage pump operation provides optimal flow for tool advancement, increasing your productivity. G1 series pumps are ideal for use with small to medium size hydraulic cylinders and tools.  
  New Look - More Technology  
  SIMPLEX, an Actuant Company is pleased to announce the launch of its new database driven website. Our commitment and goal to provide our customers with information quickly and informatively is represented within this site. Key Enhancements: New “Cart Technology” provides customers a virtual web shopping experience to keep them engaged. This “Inquiry Cart Technology" enables the customer to compile a product list and quantity requirements for quote. New Search Engine to locate Distributors quickly. Robust Technical Literature Database that allows for multiple methods of searching. More intuitive and user-friendly site navigation. Categorized News Article Database that simplifies searching for news releases, applications, technical resources, general safety practices and FAQ’s.  
  Air Lifting Bags  
  Westmont, IL. -  Simplex has expanded its family of quality lift equipment to include the new Simplex Air Bag, an ultra-strong, inflatable Kevlar™ envelope. Available in 11 models ranging in size from 6-inches x 6-inches to 36-inches x 36-inches with capacities of 1.1- to 74.1-tons, Simplex bags provide fast, safe and simple lifting solutions using the power of compressed air. Simplex air bags provide a metal reinforced edge to protect the bag where damage often occurs. Click on the link above for complete details.  
  Simplex introduces a new economical, compact hydraulic pump platform  
  [Westmont, IL] Simplex has announced the introduction of its new compact GA9 Series air over oil pump platform. The GA9 Series Compact Pumps have been engineered with the user in mind, offering heavy-duty capabilities with innovative lightweight engineering. These single speed pumps are available in either single or double acting valve configurations with an impressive 10,000 psi pressure capability. The GA9 Series Compact Pumps are the simple solution to a wide array of indoor and outdoor applications.  
  Hydraulic Pull Pack Cylinders  
  Westmont, IL. -  Simplex has expanded its family of hydraulic equipment to include the new line of heavy duty double acting hydraulic pull pack cylinders. Click on the link above for complete details.  
  Ultra High Pressure Hand Pump  
  [Westmont, IL] Extending its leadership in the hydraulic pump market, Simplex is introducing its new high pressure 40,000 psi / 2,760 bar ultra lightweight hand pump. Weighing just 10 lbs. with hydraulic oil, makes this well suited for high pressure testing and tensioning, as well as a variety of other applications that require hydraulic pressures up to 40,000 psi / 2,760 bar.  
  New High Pressure Hydraulic Pumps  
  SIMPLEX introduces the new G-Series High Pressure Hydraulic Power Pumps to the lineup. The G3 & G5 models were designed with the end user in mind; offering exceptional performance to weight ratios, enhanced power control technologies, precision tuned components for dependability and modular assemblies to manage operating costs. The new lightweight G3 power pumps (1 1/8 hp, 46 cu.in. @ 10,000PSI) are available in 15 standard and 4 bolting models. Power sources are available in either 115 or 230VAC, along with a large selection of accessories to meet your unique requirements. The G3 is ideal for remote applications requiring a compact, lightweight power pump that is easily transportable. Click on link above for complete details.  
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